First Week

The lead-up to Hungry Academy was exciting to say the least. Emails flew from one coast to the other filled with getting-to-know-you facts, advice the best areas of the District for intrepid apartment-searchers, and hopes and thoughts on Hungry Academy itself. It was a time filled with what would most aptly be described as “unbridled enthusiasm”.

After orientation, we hopped straight into two days of hand holding and group meditation.

Just kidding, it was improv based team building exercises. Groan if you like, but it was fun - and helpful! In a crowd of 23 new faces, it was a great way to get to know each other. Otherwise it would have been 6 months of “Dude, can you help me with this?”, “nice work, Ace”, and “Hey Monster-Man, can you teach me how to dougie?”. Jessie Shternshus deserves a lot of credit for forging 26 individuals into a team in less than 48 hours.

With a solid team foundation under-foot, we rolled up our sleeves and took a peek under the hood of Ruby. Here’s the rundown:

Step 1:

Get our feet wet with a walk through of Jeff’s intro tutorial: Ruby in 100 minutes

Step 2:

Take the basics and apply that knowledge to something a bit more real world. Enter: Event Manager. Here we learned what a mess data can become. So, we cleaned it up and got everything into a standardized format. Pretty awesome for the first week!

Step 3:

Annoy everyone you know on Twitter! Why use a dummy account when you can spam real people with JSTwitter?

There it is. We’re a few days in, and we’re already creating programs that have real world applications. All in all, it’s been an awesome week and we’re excited to dig into the next project: Event Reporter.