Rails Hotline

Starting this Friday, Hungry Academy students will be volunteering for the Rails Hotline. This Friday, May 11th, from 1pm to 4pm Eastern, we’re having a kickoff! A few Hungry Academy students will simultaneously be on the line. From beginner to advanced rails topics, feel free to call us. Please be prepared with Github repo, Gist, or a post on StackOverflow so we can better help. Also curious about how the program’s going or what we’ve been learning recently? Want to just say hello? Give us a call at (877) 817-4190.

The Rails Hotline is a free resource where anyone can get help on rails issues from fellow programmers. Whether you’re stuck on a problem or just getting started, volunteers are there to support.

We’ve most recently completed multi-tenant Rails marketplaces with page and fragment caching, multiple authorization types, mail with Redis and Resque, and performance with at least one hundred thousand products in our stores. Next up, we’ll be working on API-filled content management systems. We’ve got a lot to talk about!

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